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Items only allows Pubg items to be deposited.


If any loss occur during a bet caused by a software issue, you have 3 days to make a claim by sending a mail at, after which these items will be considered abandonned. We do not do refund. We advise you to withdraw your winnings as soon as possible to avoid any issues.

Percentage takes approximately 10% of the total value of each round(Only 5% if you got in Steam name). 5% allows the website to be maintained, and 5% of it will go into the moderators. Those 10% are taken from the nearest priced items so it can be slightly more or less, but it will never be more than 10%.

Bans reserves the right to remove any users from our website for any reason.


Our bots will never scam you, add you as a friend or request items from you. If someone tries to do so, ignore them.

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